ten things that create an ‘ikemen’ (An attractive hot boy)

ten things that create an ‘ikemen’ (An attractive hot boy)

An ikemen is a good-appearing boy. Ikemen is a unique phrase and therefore looked inside the 12 months 2000. It comes down off Japanese ikeru, iketeru, “cool”, “good”, “exciting” and you can sometimes boys (??), of English “men” or “men’s” (menzu), otherwise men (?) “face”. See what was developed words such as rimokon? for more in the Japanese developed words.

Several other particular the phrase, ikemen (???), keeps gained popularity on the web so you’re able to indicate precisely the reverse, a highly unattractive boy. Although not, that isn’t utilized much inside typical dialogue.

Inside the a complement off punning, a great ramen restaurant named “ikemen”, hence uses a great kanji noticable men however, definition “noodles”, ?, also offers sprung up.

Studying the visualize at left, might thought a beneficial-looking Japanese boys was basically a penny a dozen. Perhaps thus, about inside preferred Japanese or Korean Tv dramas featuring “ikemen,” or sexy guys.

Exactly what produces an enthusiastic ikemen? Those that Japanese lady salivate over possess a particular research, and you can without a doubt, most of the boy can’t complement “the sort.” But just supplying the impact to be ikemen is actually extremely important for young Japanese ladies these days, and you will a bit surpised that you can match the brand new photo regardless of looks. Fortsätt läsa ”ten things that create an ‘ikemen’ (An attractive hot boy)”